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Plan B option

When working with customers we try to offer the best solution for their unique situations. We recently had a client whose physical condition had declined and as a result she was unable to reach the handheld shower fixture in her bathroom. There were several options available to remedy this problem we decided the best product would be to install a slider bar. Her husband is significantly taller than she is and we needed a product that could work for a variety of heights that would accommodate both of them. We were able to find a beautiful KES bar in a black finish to match the fixtures and CSI Bathware grab bars in the shower. Life changes as we age presenting new challenges which can happen more often than we wish. It is wise to plan for these changes by finding the right products to meet any mobility needs. Even if you have already installed grab bars and other helpful products but find yourself still struggling with daily activities, we can help! We are happy to speak with you and offer new, or "Plan B solutions" to make those tasks easier, less strenuous, and safer for you to complete.

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