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We want to make the home modification process easy for you and your family. 
Every project is unique and requires special attention. We'll work closely with you and your family to assess your goals, mobility needs, and expectations then help you find solutions for them.

5 Steps






Set up Consultation: Upon receiving the request for a free consultation, we will schedule a meeting with you. The meeting will begin with a conversation where we listen to your concerns and needs then answer any questions you may have.  


Walkthrough: We will request for you to provide a walkthrough of your home which will allow us to observe, gather information, and provide practical fall prevention and safety tips that you can use daily.  


List of Recommendations: Once the consultation is complete we will provide a list of home modification recommendations for you to consider with pricing.


Installation: If you decide to proceed, we will then schedule your project and get started.


Completion + Training: Once the project is completed our specialist will answer any questions you might have and provide education and training on the products provided.  

Front facing image of a large contemporary style home.
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