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Indoor and Outdoor Ramp Options:

Make any location in your home more accessible with the ramps provided by Integrity Home Mobility. 

We offer a wide range of styles and sizes from brands such as American Access and Prairie View to ensure that your needs can be perfectly accommodated. It is our goal to provide you with options that will allow the freedom to move inside and outside of your home. 


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Grab Bar Installation & Bathroom Modification Services:

Individuals with medical conditions and older adults are at a greater risk for falling and experiencing an injury. Often these types of injuries occur in the bathroom.
During our home consultation, we can discuss and observe how the client moves within this room/space and identify any safety concerns that might contribute to a potential fall.  Staying safe is important and we will take every measure to provide you with the best solution to achieve this. This can include grab bar installation or walk-in shower options. We offer products such as CSI Bathware, Ponte Giulio, Great Grabz, Live Well. 

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Bedroom and Living Room Options:
We use these two rooms every day. During our free home assessment, we observe your surroundings and provide suggestions to improve the flow of movement in each of these rooms. We can offer additional lighting options, anti-slip measures, and even transfer aides that can help you stand from the couch or bed. All with the goal to prevent unwanted falls.

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Outdoor Safety Options:

During the time of our assessment, we can also inspect the exterior of your home. This is important as you think about the entry and exit points you walk every day. Oftentimes these areas do not provide sufficient lighting for us to see when moving in these areas, especially in the evening time. We have a variety of motion sensor light options that can help you see better and improve your safety.  



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