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Hands measuring bathroom space width over newly remodeled shower
In-Home Assessment
During our in-home consultation, we will evaluate and assess the areas of concern in your home. Using the information we gather we will then provide home modifications recommendations. We will provide you with a variety of options to choose from and answer any questions you might have. Request a FREE Consultation
Wooden Furniture two small tables with larger cabinet in background
Home Safety Education
Home Safety Education: Aging in place is the ability for a person to live in the residence of their choice as they age. Often the decision to remain in the home you love may require modifications to the environment. With each consultation, we will collaborate with you and will listen to your concerns. We will offer fall prevention education and safety training ensuring that your wellbeing is our top priority. 
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Handyman Tool Belt with cordless drill in hand
Our skilled technicians will provide a safe and timely installation for the products that we offer. Education will be provided to ensure you have a sufficient understanding of how to correctly use the products installed.  Request a FREE Consultation
Cheerful Seniors adults smiling and sitting close
Follow Up Care
Making sure that you are satisfied with your product and installation our specialist will follow up to answer any questions with a phone call or an in-person visit. 
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