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We Serve

We can help you or your loved one identify and solve accessibility problems.

Whether you are an aging adult, caring for one, rehabilitating from an injury, or have a child with disabilities, our products and services can help you and your family find solutions to make living at home more comfortable and enjoyable. 


We Serve:

  • Adult children with an aging parent

  • Aging individual or aging spouse

  • Parents with a disabled child

  • People living with a chronic health condition with a gradual disability 

  • People returning home from hospitalization, nursing home, or rehabilitation center

  • Individuals who experience a sudden, unexpected injury

  • Individuals with cognitive issues such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease

  • Individuals with low vision issues, sensory loss, or hearing loss

  • Midlife to older adults who are planning for the future before problems occur

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Smiling senior adult women holding walking cane in hand
The Nursing Home Alternative: Aging at Home

Fostering independence, mental capacity, and a life-fulfilled, aging in the home can help keep your loved ones happy and healthy. 
Most aging adults don't want to leave the home they are comfortable in. They enjoy being around things that are familiar to them. Their belongings, their neighbors, their pets, and friends–all the things that make them happy. With adjustments and modifications to one's home, aging adults can stay in their homes.
With the rising costs of healthcare and retirement facilities. The average cost of nursing home care in North Carolina is over $90K a year. Aging at home can be incredibly cost-effective. 
Man walking with forearm crutch or knows as a set of lofstrand crutches
Recovery and Rehabilitation
Whether you have elected to have surgery or experienced an unforeseen health crisis we are here to help.  We can provide quick bathroom changes and even install a temporary exterior ramp to help you safely enter and exit your home. 
Depending on your situation we will work to find a solution that will help you enjoy your home as you recover from your illness or injury.
Child in wheelchair in wooded area smiling
Caring for a Loved One: Permanent Disability
Make any location in your home more accessible with the home modifications we offer. Indoor ramps, threshold covers, and ceiling transfer slings are just some of the examples of items we can install.
Understanding that your situation requires the utmost care and detail we will provide you options to choose from to help with the day-to-day tasks. We install all products and provide education on how to properly operate each piece of equipment. 
We offer a wide range of styles and sizes to ensure that your needs can be perfectly accommodated. It is our goal to provide you with product choices that allow you the freedom to move inside and outside of your home.
young person wheelchair reaching for oven in kitchen
Long Term Living
By listening to your concerns we can and will work with you to develop a solution to make your home accessible for many years to come. These changes can include stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, grab bar installation as well as bathroom and kitchen modifications. 
We offer a wide range of styles and sizes to ensure that your needs can be perfectly accommodated. It is our goal to provide you with options that will allow the freedom to move in and around your home as you desire. 
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