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Can you see the difference?

At a recent consultation, I met a client who had experienced a major recent health event and, as a result, she was now in a more deconditioned state and less steady on her feet. As soon as the shower area came into my view, I knew what concerns I would address. As you can see in the top photo, there are many safety issues that I needed to address in order to promote this client's safety and provide fall prevention options. Let me list them for you.

  1. Suction cup grab bars: I do not like them. I believe many folks have them due to their low cost. They provide a false sense of security and do more harm than good.

  2. Hand Held Shower Fixture: While I prefer this type of shower system to help assist with ADL's. This client was unable to safely remount her hand-held to the holder due to the height. She was also bending over to retrieve it during showering which places her at greater risk for a potential fall.

Now you can see the changes that we made in this walk-in shower. Let me list what we decided to do.

  1. Hand-held shower on slider Bar: Removed the current hand-held shower fixture and replaced the unit with this no-drill sliding bar fixture. It was a lower-cost option that would allow the client to easily reach her hand-held device and return it to the holder without the risk of a fall.

  2. Grab bars: We added a bar at the entrance to provide her with a solid hold when she enters and exits the shower. This bar can also provide a place to grab when working with the shower head system. We also installed a long horizontal bar along the side wall to allow her the opportunity to safely walk within the shower and have a place to hold it.

  3. Non-slip tape strips: When applied to the floor, these stickers provide a gritty texture to prevent slipping and can be positioned in any pattern you choose.

In the end, we were both so pleased with the outcome. The client expressed that I gave her bathroom a "makeover." I agree that the changes were an A+ safety upgrade with lasting benefits.

If you would like to learn about what small changes can be made in your bathroom to give it a safety makeover, call today to learn more. 704-657-9598

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